December 2, 2016

Sample Sale: December 20-23

Shop our Sample Sale from December 20-23

We are hosting a Sample Sale from December 20-23. No appointment is required to come in and shop with us during this event.  Go ahead and mark it on your calendar. Call your mom, sister, and best friend. It’s time to score a steal of a deal!

Why shop at a Sample Sale?

Shopping a Sample Sale is an excellent way to save a little money on your gown, while still getting excellent quality.  We take great care of our gowns on the showroom floor, and we turn over our inventory on a regular basis.  So, purchasing a gown off the rack at Gown Boutique of Charleston does not mean you are getting second rate, nothing tattered or torn.  Another great thing about purchasing a sample gown during our sale is that you don’t have to wait for the dress to be made and shipped, which can take several months.  This is important for many brides that need or want to plan their wedding on a short time frame.  Once you select your gown, you are purchasing that exact one, right off the rack.  So, you are ready to start alterations immediately if needed! 

Come see us!

We have a wide variety of styles, and our talented seamstresses can often make custom changes, even on gowns purchased off the rack.  Come see us and allow us to help you find your dream gown!

Please call 843.856.2682 with any questions, or send us an email at