November 23, 2016

What to Do With Your Dress?

Your big day is finally over. Post wedding, the planning has ended, the constant craziness of going back and forth between this cake and that invitation is over, and you are left with your wonderful husband…and your dress. So, what to do with it? Good news–there are tons of fun options! We have narrowed down to our top five options, and would love to share them with you:

Display your gown.


Isn’t this the best idea for decorating your walk-in closet? With help from a professional framer, you can encase your gown with a shadowbox and display it in your closet or dressing room.

Donate it post wedding.


What a great idea post wedding! Not only is it a tax write-off, but you are also giving a dress to a woman that otherwise may not have had the chance to have one. If you are looking for places to donate, check out The Angel Gown Program, Wish Upon A Wedding, and Brides Across America.

Preserve it.


If you are interested in the classic preservation box, just to keep it in your closet and hold onto it like a keepsake, Gown Boutique of Charleston is partnered with the Wedding Gown Preservation Co. to do just that! Just reach out to us post wedding for a quote.

Re-purpose your gown.


Whether you turn it into a quilt, pillows, or a teddy bear for future children, there are so many options when you are looking to recycle your gown. Pinterest away, my dears!

Turn it into a christening gown.


This is an adorable idea for your future babies! It is a wonderfully sentimental idea and there are a lot of companies that specialize in this conversion, like Fairy Godmother Creations and Christening Baby.

Use it for a photo op.


Nothing is cuter than a little girl playing dress up, right? An adorable photo shoot idea is playing dress up in Mommy’s wedding gown! Make sure to preserve it first!

Hope these ideas helped! Check out more wedding tips at our blog, and congrats!